Birmingham Web Design - Search Engine Optimization Tip 1

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One of the most important things to remember when optimizing your website for search engines is to properly utilize the html tags such as: title, description, and heading. First, we’ll begin with a brief description of what each tag is. The title tag for a page could be compared to the title of a book. If you were to see a book titled, “Web Design 101”, you would probably conclude that the book was in some way related to web design. Likewise, if a search engine sees that your web pages have the title, “Web Design Techniques & Web Design Skills”, it will assume that your website is somehow related to web design techniques and web design skills.

If the title tag is the title of a book, then the description tag is the preface. This tag gives the search engine a brief description of what the website is about. However, it gives a bit more detail than the title tag, but not as much as content within the body tag.

Last, the heading tag is just like the name of a chapter in a book. The heading tag gives the search engines and site visitors an idea of what that specific page’s content is about. Now, that you understand what the tags are we can move on to how to use them.

Let’s say we are creating a web forum that will allow site visitors to share web design techniques via an open forum. Since we know what the purpose of our website is we now have to set it up to be included in results when a user does a search on words like web design techniques or web design skills. In order to increase our chances of being included in the search results for these key terms, we have to convince the search engine that our website contains a significant amount of content regarding web design techniques/web design skills. We do this by emphasizing those keywords in the title, description, and heading tags. That way when our website gets crawled by the search engine "spyders" it will read our title, description, and heading tags and associate our website with web design techniques and web design skills. Below is an example of how your html should look after including these keywords in your tags: